Biostar: AMD B550 Motherboards Are Ready

Korean media Brainbox's latest interview with Biostar Product Manager Vicky Wang has revealed some pretty interesting information about forthcoming AMD and Intel motherboards.

When asked about Biostar's future products, Wang responded that we can expect new offerings with both AMD and Intel chipsets. In regards to the much-anticipated AMD B550 chipset, the executive said corresponding motherboards are ready to go. 

Sadly, Wang didn't reveal the specific date on when they will actually hit the shelves. However, a DigiTimes report in June claimed motherboard manufacturers are supposed to receive B550 chipset orders this quarter, meaning the motherboards could come out at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Intel's 400-series chipset, which is tailored to Comet Lake-S (CML-S) processors, are also due next year. Wang mentioned three chipsets in particular here. It's rumored, that the Z490 chipset will target high-end motherboards, while the B460 and H410 chipsets will be for mid-range and entry-level motherboards, respectively. According to a Comet Lake-S leak from earlier this month, the 14nm chips are scheduled for the first half of next year, so we don't expect to see any 400-series motherboards in a near future.