Google tests eye-catching Weather Tile redesign on Wear OS

Just before I/O last year, Wear OS added Tiles to the right of the watchface that provide quick access to bite-sized pieces of information. After recently adding one for hand washing, Google is tweaking the Weather tile with a bold and fresh new design.

The current Weather card shows the temperature and condition, while a bi-hourly forecast appears below. Sourced from, tapping opens the full app for current wind speed, precipitation percentage, and four-day forecast.

Google is now testing (via Reddit) an updated Weather Tile for Wear OS that has a distinctly different design language. The look is similar to a recent redesign of the Google Fit Tiles following a step-focused revamp in April.

Shared attributes include one or two bright colors and big numerals. In the case of Weather, we start with a giant icon above noting the current condition. This is followed by a large temperature in yellow and the condition in text form, as well as your current location. High and low — in blue — temperatures for the day appear at the bottom.

You lose the six-hour forecast, but what you pick up is a really gorgeous and fresh card that’s easier to glance. It also does a better job of filling the entire screen. So far, only one user with a Fossil Sport has reported encountering this design.

The new Wear OS Weather Tile is not live on any of our watches this afternoon. This is likely an A/B test rolling out via a server-side update.