10 Free Zoom Alternative Apps for Video Chats

Stay in touch with friends and family whenever and wherever with these free videoconferencing services.

While websites and apps for video chatting are nothing new, the pandemic gave them a massive surge in popularity and completely reshaped the market.

Popular preexisting services like Skype fell to the wayside, while services like Zoom quickly rose to the top. Though the demand for these video chatting services has cooled off some since 2020, there are still a variety of different options out there, each one offering its own benefits and drawbacks. And many of them are free.

Though Zoom claims the top spot when it comes to video chatting apps, the service has also struggled with security concerns. In the past, there were instances of webcam hacking, or "zoombombing," where people broke into chats and meetings without an invitation. And more recently, the service has come under scrutiny once again due to concerns that its cloud recording feature may be sharing video with people outside the call.

There are plenty of other video chatting options to use to stay in touch with friends, family and coworkers from around the globe. Below, you'll find our ten favorite video conference and video chat apps that you can use for free right now.

It should also be noted, however, that most of the apps listed here have seen security-related issues in the past, which the companies that own them (including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google) have since patched.