Exploring the Newest Gmail Security and Productivity Features

Google released a new version of Gmail last week with some improvements to both their webpage and mobile formats. This new version is the largest Gmail update in recent history, and focuses on adding new security and productivity features for their 1.2 billion users.

Here are some of the newest features available with the new update:

-Easy Attachments: Attachments from an email can now be viewed and downloaded directly from the inbox. This allows you to easily access your attachments without having to scroll through the thread to find them.

-Snooze: This feature allows you to ‘snooze’ messages, allowing you to send away messages away for a later time. After the ‘snooze’ period is up, the email is re-delivered to your inbox.

-Nudge: Google uses their artificial intelligence to inform you about important messages you may have missed. The subject line will show you how many days it’s been since you’ve responded and will prompt you to write a reply.

-Smart Replies for Web: Released last year on their mobile app, Google is now introducing smart replies for their web app as well. This feature will offer users three potential replies based on the content of the email received.

-Mobile High Priority Notifications: Utilizing their powerful AI tools to give you high-priority emails, which will only send you notifications for important emails.

-Google Alerts for Risky Emails: A new security tool; Google’s AI will detect that an email may be risky, warning you from clicking any links if you aren’t certain of the authenticity.

-Confidential mode: This mode will cause emails to ‘self-destruct’ after they have been received, making it more secure for when you have to send private information. It also allows you to send a confidential message, which forbids the recipient from forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing your message.